VSA Power Meter

VSA Power Meter very powerful analysis method uses volume spread analysis to determine strongest currency and weakest currency and then gives signals based on it.

VSA Power Meter System Features

  • Analyze all available instruments.
  • Clear panel that determines stronges and weakest currencies.
  • Clear buy and sell signals.
  • You can use it as independent trading system or as filter.

VSA Power Meter Trading Rules
You can use VSA in two ways:

  • Enter VSA signals.
  • Use it as filter to determine strongest and weakest currencies.

VSA as Signal Provider
This system is designed to analyze the market and gives buy and sell signals based on strongest and weakest currencies.
VSA gives two type of signals:

  • Indices signals
    for example if it gives BUY CAD then you should buy CAD currency against all available currencies in the VSA Pairs Power Tab.

  • Instrument signals
    for example if it gives SELL EURAUD then you should only buy this symbol.

VSA as Strategy Filter
You can use VSA Power Meter to detect strongest and weakest currencies and use it in your strategy.

In VSA METER tab you can see strongest currency and weakest currency, based on the above screenshot strongest currency is CAD and weakest currency is EUR, then you should sell EURCAD instrument.

TakeProfit and StopLoss
METER VSA system can be used as scalping system or merdium term system, but it's better to use it as scalping system and set TakeProfit and StopLoss should be about 10 pips.

Trading Notes
VSA system gives better results during Europe and New York sessions so better to set Signals Trading Time during this period.

Install Notes
Although it's not opening any trades but to install VAS Power Meter you should add the file inside Experts folder in your metatrader not Indicators folder.

VSA Power Strength system has some parameters so you can adjust it according to your needs, I'll explain it in details.

Panel Percent Size
dashboard size percent.

Signals Start Time, Signals End Time
signals time filter if set the system will show signals during this period only.

Enable Popup Alert
option to enable the indicator popup alert when buy or sell signal appears.

Enable Send Email
option to enable the indicator to set you email when buy or sell signal appears.

Enable Send Mobile Notification
option to enalbe the indicator to send you push notification to your metatrader mobile.

Version 1.0  03.11.2019

  •  First initial version.

Version 1.1  15.11.2019

  • Changed panel appearance.

Version 1.2  09.12.2019

  • Improved panel appearance.