Two MA Crosses EA

Expert Advisor open trades based on Two moving average crosses.

Expert Advisor Features

  • Moving average parameters adjustable.
  • Time frame filter option
  • Option to close previous trade when reverse signal appears.

How It Works
This EA open trades based on two moving average lines, when fast moving average crosses above slow moving average EA will open buy trade, and when fast moving average crosses below slow moving average EA will open sell trade.

Trading Notes

  • Best time frames for moving average strategies is H1, H4 and D1
  • Use trade times filter to work on newyork session to get better results.
  • Use trailing stop to catch long trends.

Two MA Crosses EA has some parameters so you can adjust it according to your needs, I'll explain it in details.

Max Opened Trades 0=disable
Max opened trades in the same time for buy trades and sell trades indivitually.

Close Orders On Reverse Signal
option to let the EA close sell orders when buy signal appears and close buy orders when sell signal appears.

Enable Time Filter
option to enable trading only on speicified hours.

Start Trading Hour
speicifed start hour to start EA trading.

End Trading Hour
speicifed end hour to stop EA from trading.

Fast MA Period, Fast MA Shift, Fast Ma Method, Fast Ma Applied Price
fast moving average parameters.

Slow MA Period,Slow MA Shift, Slow Ma Method, Slow Ma Applied Price
slow moving average parameters.

Lot Size
order lot size.

Money Management
enable set orders lot size based on account balance and available margin.

Risk Percent
number of precent to risk from your balance to determine orders lot size.

orders takeprofit by pips.

orders stoploss by pips.

Trailing Stop
orders trailing stop by pips.

Break Even
orders break even by pips.

Break Even Pips
number of pips to break after order reach Break Even pips in profit.

Magic Number
orders magic number.

Show Trades Info Panel
option to show or hide trading panel from chart.

Displayed Comment
comment appears next to trade

Version 1.0  01.10.2019
first initial version