Trade Panel Pro

Trade Assistant panel is easy to use panel that enables you to manage your opened trades and open new trades with one click button.

Expert Advisor Features

  • One click trading panel.
  • Works on live chart and backtesting.
  • Close all trades with one click or close specific order by ticket number.

How It Works
After adding the EA on chart you will see the trade panel with different options to use

  • Open trade:
    You can open trades by click on BUY or SELL buttons after configure the lot size, takeprofit and stoploss for the trades.
  • Close or modify opened trades:
    You can close opened trades by entering order ticket and then click on "CLOSE TICKET" or add the new takeprofit or stoploss and click "MODIFY TICKET".
  • Close all Trades:
    You can close all opened trades by clicking on "CLOSE ALL"

Installing Notes
After downloading the files unzip it you will find the EA file add it inside Experts folder in your Metatrader terminal and you are ready to go.

Trade Panel Pro has some parameters so you can adjust it according to your needs, I'll explain it in details.

EA Comment
displayed comment next to opened trades.

Version 1.0  7.6.2020

  •  First initial version.