iSignal System (TradingView)

iSignal System is a trend follower semi-automated trading system optimized to trade on all markets  combined of different technical indicators optimized to give very accurate entry and points.

iSignal System Features

  • Defined Entry, Stop loss, and Take profit in every entry
  • High risk/reward percent because of the small stoploss the system using
  • Alert signal on Buy and Sell signals
  • Track Stop loss and 5 Take profit levels
  • Alert when SL is hit, or TPs are achieved
  • Alert when daily move reached avarage daily move
  • Alert when Yestdar's high or low is broken
  • Alert if Price reached TP3 then retreated to TP2

iSignal System Time Frames and Instruments

  • APCO system can be used to trade on all instruments.
  • This system is suitable to trade Scalping on 5 and 15 minutes chart, and long term also.
  • If trade slow pairs, recommended to use M30 to H1
  • If trade fast moving instrument like US30, M5 and M15 is best. However, M30 and H1 are great for swing traders.

Buy and Sell Signals

  • Buy and Sell signals are automatically generated with stop loss and 5 Take profit levels. 
  • Automated message will be sent once TP1 achieved with note to move SL to entry, etc with all 5 TPS
  • If TP3 reached, then SL is moved to TP2 then what happens if price falls to TP2? New Alert will be sent Trade is closed at TP2 with X amount of profit.  Simply the system has trailing stop loss to protect your profit. 

Colour Coded daily range Boxes

  • Each day has a box, colour coded, up days green and down days red
  • You can use the high and low of these boxes as Support and Resistance
  • If the daily high of yesterday is broken , alert will be sent
  • If the daily low of yesterday is broken, alert will be sent
  • If the price breaks the daily high, then fall back again, Bull-Trap alert will be sent
  • If the price breaks the daily low, then rises back up, Bear-trap alert will be sent.

Friday has unique Box

  • Friday has Blue colour box with Red line at top, and Blue at bottom, indicates weekly close levels are very important to watch as support and resistance. 


Sell Signals

Sell signals are automatically generated with SL and 5 TPS just like Buy signals. 



Inputs to set up

Bottom bar: The Green/Red bar at bottom is used as filter for Buy/Sell signals. 

Daily Range Alert: Sends alert when the Average daily range has been reached, example GOLD moves 25 Dollar per day, once the daily move of Gold in current day reaches 25 Dollar, it is a sign market is getting exhausted and should consider taking profit.

Y H-L Alert: Once Previous day High/Low is broken Alert will be sent, and if price retreats back a Bull/Bear trap will be sent. It can be used as a price-action tool to understand if Bull in control for sure, or Market Maker is just trying to trap them, same for bears.

Stop loss: You can increase or decrease the stop loss level

Take profit 1-5 : You can increase or decrease the levels, also can hide TP4 and TP5 from chart if you wish.

Entry line: Show or hide entry line

Enable Buy Alert: We advice to analyse the trend, for example GOLD, strong up trend, so only mark BUY alert, and avoid Sell alerts. This is a trend filter to focus only on Buy-Signals in Up-trend, and Sell Signals in Down-Trend.

Time Filter: GMT is used, so can make from 0-23 to work 24 Hours or adjust as you wish


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