Forex Calendar

Indicator Displays FF calendar events on Metatrder chart.

Indicator Features

  • Indicator displays events from forex factory calendar.
  • Option to filter events by impact strength and currency.
  • Multiple colors for different impacts.
  • Multiple alert options.
  • Can be used inside EAs.
  • Option to filter events by current chart symbol only.
  • Option to choose number of events to display.
  • Calendar events displayed based on your local time.

Indicator Description
Calendar events is very important to watch since it has huge effect on market direction and movements, there are alot of indicators to display calendar on Metatrader but most of them doesn't have good design or flexible parameters so you can adjust as your needs, so we programmed FXMarketStrategy Calendar to give you the best Calendar  indicator ever.


FXmarketStrategy Calendar indicator has some parameters so you can adjust it according to your needs, I'll explain it in details.

Is EA Call
Set this option to true if you want to call the indicator from Expert Advisor

Update Panel Every (in seconds)
how many delayed seconds to update panel on chart

Displayed Events Number
number of events you want to display on chart.

Hide Previous Event After (in minutes)
how many minutes to wait until remove previous event.

Display Current Chart Events Only
option to display current chart related events only.

Currencies To Include it's Events
option to choose specific currencies to include it's events only.

Include high Impact Events
display high impact events.

Include medium Impact Events
display medium impact events.

Include low Impact Events
display low impact events.

Include speaks
display speaks events.

Include holidays
display holidays events.

Update Events every (in hours) 0=disable
option to check events updates from online calendar.

Panel Corner
panel corner on chart.

Low Impact Color
color for low impact events.

Medium Impact Color
color for Medium impact events.

High Impact Color
color for High impact events.

Holidays Color
color for holidays events.

Remarks Color
color for remarks.

Previous Color
color for previous indicator reading.

Positive Forecast Color
color for positive forecast indicator.

Negative Forecast Color
color for negative forecast indicator.

Minutes Before First Alert -1=disable
number of minutes before triggre first alert.

Minutes Before Second Alert -1=disable
number of minutes before triggre second alert.

Enable Popup Alerts
option to display popup alert.

Enable Sound Alerts
option to enable sound alert.

Sound file name
sound alert file name.

Enable Send Email
option to enable send email message.

Enable Send Push Notification
option to send push notification to metatrader mobile.

Version 1.0  15.11.2019

  •  First initial version

Version 1.1  24.11.2019

  •  Fixed minor errors in displaying events
  •  Improvements in alert message.

Version 1.2  26.11.2019

  •  Added parameter to enable calling the indicator from iCustom function.