Currencies Indices

Indicator displays different currencies indices in sub window.

Indicator Features

  • You can choose between 8 different currencies indices in one indicator.
  • Very lite indicator with option to choose number of historica bars to display.

Available Currencies Indices

  • USDX: Dollar index.
  • EURX: Euro index.
  • CHFX: Swiss Franc index.
  • CADX: Canadian Dollar index.
  • GBPX: Great Britan Pound index.
  • AUDX: Australian Dollar index.
  • NZDX: New Zealand Dollar index.
  • XJPY: Japanese Yen index.

How to Trade Currencies Indices
Currency index very useful to determine currency strength compared to other currencies, also you can draw support and resistance levels or price patterns on it.

Currencies indices indicator has some parameters so you can adjust it according to your needs, I'll explain it in details.

Historical Bars To Display
Maximum number of bars to display.

Currency Index
Currency index to display.

Version 1.0  1.12.2019

  •  First initial version