Advaned Gravity Bands

Advaned Gravity Bands is reverse trend semi-automated trading system gives potential reverse signals.

Advaned Gravity Bands System Features

  • Trend reversal system predict when the trend about to change.
  • Works very well on ranging and trending market.
  • Panel to detect potential retracement percent.

APCO System Trading Rules

  • When should I buy?
    1. First green candle after red candles.
    2. Channel color is green
    3. Price is closer to lower band and going up.
    4. Retracement panel above 70% buy.
  • When should I sell?
    1. First red candle after green candles.
    2. Channel color is red.
    3. Price is closer to upper band and falling down.
    4. Candles signal is red.
    5. Retracement panel above 70% sell.

Stoploss should replaced below lower band for buy signal and above upper band for sell signal.


Advaned Gravity Bands system has some parameters so you can adjust it according to your needs, I'll explain it in details.

Max Filled Cloud Bars
maximum number of bars to draw filled cloud.

Fast Deviation
fast deviation percent.

Slow Deviation
slow deviation percent.

Show Retracement Percent Panel
enable or disable to show retracement panel.

Higher TimeFrame
higher timeframe for retracement panel.

Version 1.0  03.11.2019

  •  First initial version.

Version 1.1  10.11.2019

  • Improve signal strength.



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